Amy-Leigh currently runs a mentoring programme for photographers focusing on helping you achieve the style you want from your work.
 This programme is bespoke to your needs but covers a range of topics including :
  • Shooting and getting it right in camera for the style of imagery you want.
  • Developing your own signature presets.
  • Tweaking an existing preset so you know how to use it across different lighting conditions.
  • Understanding how presets work to enable you to achieve consistency throughout your work
  • Looking at and understanding all Lightroom sliders including which work together and the various different ways of achieving different looks.
  • Post programme guidance and an invitation to join a community to get guidance as and whenever you need it during those long editing sessions where you might need an extra pair of eyes to double check images for you.
  • Alien Skin Exposure overview (***optional***) – why the best use this, how they use this and the benefit of this piece of software.
If you’re interested and want more information please visit the website here:

“I kind of knew who Amy was before I booked her mentoring, I’d spoke to her a few times and I knew that she really knew her stuff especially when it came to presets and editing!
I’d been going through the complete and utter hell of trying to figure out what kind of look I wanted and how to apply that in Lightroom! I’d been using it a year but I still hadn’t figured half of the sliders and tools out! Trying to build myself a preset was something that literally had me in tears sometimes!
When I saw that Amy was doing the mentoring I jumped at the chance and booked her straight away. Not quite sure what to expect we did our first google hang out, I loved it! She was so patient and answered all my questions, she took time to explain things for me, she showed me the tools in my camera and in Lightroom and how to use them, she knew exactly what I wanted my images to look like and explained how that was achieved, not just post shoot but what to do shooting for that style in camera!
These mentoring sessions have literally changed my whole shooting and editing experience! Heck they have changed my life!!! It’s gone from absolute dread to pure enjoyment! I could not recommend it enough, anyone going the struggles of finding their style or getting things to look how they want has to do this! It’s worth every single penny and so so so much more.
Natalie – AGNES BLACK 
“I can’t recommend Amy enough. She went above and beyond my expectations when mentoring me this year. She was always available to me if I had any questions no matter how busy she was doing her own weddings. Amy genuinely cares about helping you improve. I learnt heaps about how to shoot better in camera, understanding light and how to position my subjects as well as having a thorough going over with my post processing, which at the time was a real problem for me. Amy will help you find your style and take your photography to the next level. Her mentoring is extremely good value. Best thing I ever did! Thank you Amy!”