Alternative pre-wedding portrait session at Winnats Pass, The Peak District. Honestly, hats off to these guys! They travelled up and stayed in The Peak District the evening before our morning session and in true unpredictable British weather, that morning – it was bloody awful. You know that sideways wind and rain that just hits you in the face and before you know it you’re drenched? Yeah, that happened.

Janine and Mark are photographers/digital artists themselves so no pressure! They were just wonderful. Not phased by the weather at all we had a good walk, nearly got blown off the top of Winnats Pass, so went and found shelter from the rain. Well, they did, we didn’t – but thats okay. We’re well trained in getting wet and having to do our job. We wouldn’t call this much of a job though, meeting the coolest of couples, getting on super easy like we’ve known each other years, getting to capture them in a completely soul bearing way. It was an easy job because they are a truly beautiful couple. The rain and sideways winds were just merely the background. My favourite picture is the last one – completely defying all the “natural shots only, don’t look at the camera” – look at what happens when you do?

Thank you to Janine and Mark. You were perfect and it was a real pleasure hanging out with you guys!

We’re huge fans of the peak district so if you want an alternative portrait session in this beautiful place, send us a message!

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