bride laughing with groom in the lake district
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About Us

Hey! I'm Amy-Leigh. A northerner with a passion for capturing people on the best days of their lives. I always come as a package with another photographer - two perspectives is how i like to tell the full story of your day. We photograph weddings all over Lancashire, The Lake District, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and beyond.

Our Approach

It's not really about us, it's about you! Celebrating your relationship and marriage with your nearest and dearest on the best day of your lives. And you need someone to capture that for you. It's a heirloom, memories to last forever in your family. If you want an authentic story of your day, with less time spent on standing in a line and smiling at the camera but more time laughing and enjoying your day with loved ones then we're a good match so far.

If you want a timeless set of photos then you're in the right place too. We hand edit every photo with our stylish and timeless signature and we also don't cap the amount of images you receive. We feel pretty strongly about this, if you only want a 500 image highlight selection of your day then we're not a match, there's lots of other photographers out there that will happily do that for you.

We're memory hoarders and we like to think our couples are too. It's not about images that tick every box, you'll have lots of those, but its also about keeping all of those other memories too. Ones that some might discard for being not technically the best image or whatever. We don't work like that. So if you love loads of photos, then we're a good match!

We appreciate on a wedding day you'll want some formal family shots - maybe for grandma's mantlepiece. Absolutely fine to do these and welcome these but we control it in a way where they get done, and they get done quick. We get loads of feedback about how efficient we are with this. It's super important to get you back to enjoying your day.

We show lots of portraits both on our site and social media, you might be surprised to learn we only need 10 minutes with a couple on a wedding day for these. We wont be dragging you off for an hour just for pictures. It's not necessary!


Hey! Just a northern girl taking photos of loved up couples on the best day of their lives. It's awesome! My job means I get to meet the best people and travel to the best places, it's an honour and something i'm truly grateful for!

I'm a pretty simple soul that loves music (Daughter, Radiohead, Deftones, Hans Zimmer - shout out to Radio X for keeping me company in the office most days, thanks for the bangers!) and movies (Wes A, Tarkovsky, Lynch). Binge watching boxsets (what even is life without Netflix?). Tattoos and ever changing hair. Wearing only black and grey. Gotta keep things simple and co-ord! Travelling. Africa has a large place in my heart. Love good documentaries and National Geographic (always wanted to be a Nat Geo photographer, true story!). I divide my time between being a mum to the coolest little man ever, mentoring other photographers and getting to whatever fitness class I can squeeze in alongside Let Love Flourish. Whatever you're into, we'll probably get along just fine! Fancy a chat? The gins/beers are on me! Send me a message!